Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Easy Ways To Make Malaysian Flower

Assalamualaikum..hello sisters!!!

It has been a long time I didn't update my blog..huhu .. Actually, I don't know what to share with you guys. Asal ngadap laptop ja..blank..ngadap laptop ja...blank..hahha..memang jenis aku!

Sesapa yang duk usha pesbuk aku mesti perasan yang aku ada letak gambar-gambar "bunga kertas"..nah..aku panggil quilling flower. Ramai yang tanya macam mana nak buat bunga ni.. Nampak macam susah.. tapi senang saja sebenaqnya..macam orang putih a piece of cake..

I'm glad that finally I can share with everyone step by step on how to make this type of flower :). I don't have a video..but just some pictures with a little bit of description. hope that you can understand.

1.You need to have paper strips (2 different colors; I used 10 strips for purple and 5 strips for cream), glue, slotted tool, and circle guide. 

2.Combine two paper strips together (purple and cream color)

3.You will have 5 combined paper strips.

4.Then roll the paper using the slotted tool.

5.Make it loose by using circle guide. (it is depend on what size of circle you want to have)

6.Just follow as the above picture to make the curve.

7.Use another purple paper strip and wrap it around.

8.It will be like this! :)

9.Use the same method for another 4 combined paper strips.

10.Arrange that 5 petals together and secure it with glue.

The end result!! Jyeahh!!!!

 Hope you all will like it :) 
To get a perfect flower, you need to practice a lot. don't givap okey!

I welcome any comments from you :)

Love & Faith,
maimunah ahmad